How do I Insert Summary Icons into the Comment Key area of the General Info Section?




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    Michael Donitzen

    The instructions state that my image must be in the correct folder however they do not say what that correct folder is. The instructions in step 3 state to click Edit T however that cannot be accomplished with the edit comment window open. Other wise I have followed the instructions exactly and get this error "Original Image Not Found" The image I am using is the green square with the with house. It is an HG image located in the HG logo folder. It is attached to my summary and has been for years. I have been wanting to link the image to my intro page for a long time. Any HG assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Hi Michael, we've updated the article to reflect that the correct folder is Documents/HomeGauge/html5.We've also changed the Edit T instruction to say the edit wrench icon. Thank you for pointing those errors out! I believe you've spoken to our of our support agents today, but don't hesitate to reach out if you're still encountering issues with this.

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