How to Fix Missing Photos on Uploaded Report




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    Jim Shutt

    I have had problems with the HG companion creating a new report and adding all the photos to that instead of the report I established. I have to upload the original report to the cloud then go back to the device ( phone or tablet) and manually download the pictures to my computer. This takes valuable time and gets frustrating. Why would the companian creat its on new report instead of using the one you are operating off of?

    Jim S.

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    Are you using an iOS device or Android?
    When you are doing the report and taking pictures if you go to the customer section is there information there? What could be happening is one report is being downloaded but a new or different report is being opened when you are taking pictures.
    What steps do you take when starting a new report?

    Your process should follow something similar to:
    1. Create an appointment on the dashboard OR Create a report in the software
    2. Download the appointment or report to the Companion
    3. On the Companion click Open and find that downloaded report or appointment
    4. Now with the report open fill out comments and pictures

    If you ever leave the app and navigate to other things on your device I would double check that you are in the correct report when you come back. Let us know if any of these steps help. You can contact support directly at 828-254-2030 Option 1. or

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