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Release Notes 1/25/2023 - Android Companion



  • Chip Kenny

    I don't understand why they would take something that was simple and easy and turned it into the mess they they did.  I live in an area that has spotty internet service.  I had a shortcut on my desktop and I simply plugged my  phone in and moved the report to the shortcut and then clicked refresh database in my software.  Done!!  Easy.    Thanks for making it harder 

  • Michael Donitzen

    How do I get the report back from the companion? I see no pictures in the report on the companion.

  • Chris Currins

    I see that you "fixed" the issue with the Google Pixel native camera crashing. BUT Not the Samsung stock camera. I have an S21 and when taking photos it will randomly close the report. This did not happen with previous versions of Companion. I tried the suggestions you have on another page (changing my settings) and that did not work. Plus I should not have to change the phone settings, the issue is with the software.

  • Chris Zhang

    Where is the homegauge folder in Android now? why do you want to hide it. I can't find the report folder, nor the template folder. 

  • Michael Spadaccini

    Hello HomeGauge Team !

    Spent 9 hours in the field with my Companion on my tablet...loaded photos,comments and design details...just back to my office and received notice my NEW Android version update.,,Problem now states Now states NO SIM Card TWO hour drive each way and I can't recreate the sample details and specific moisture readings...Completed report has vanished from my tablet device...PLEASE have your Tech Team CONTACT me. Thank you. MIKE


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