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WTF changing reps email and how ludicrous it is to make a change


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  • Joshua Ray

    Louder for the folks in the back of the room!!! This is my major complaint about HG, especially in this market where agents are moving around to try and gain an advantage. I have agents moving all the time, and I end up deleting their old profiles and creating completely new ones. Trying to get an agent to change their email in yet another system will never happen. I have yet to successfully get an agent to go in and change their email on their profile and I have tried with some of my long-term agents who I can trust not to move to another inspector because of the hassle. Supposedly it sends an email to their old address where they can verify and update, but many are agency emails, and they don't have access to their old email account with their previous broker. 

    HG, please give us the ability to change an agent's email address!!!


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