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  • Official comment

    Thanks for the feedback Mike! We have gone ahead and passed it forward to our Product Team. I can keep you updated on developments on any of the 3 suggestions you offered. Have a great rest of your week!

  • Stephen Houmard

    I'm also looking to rearrange the  order of items in web writer. I would like to add a section for Garage. 

    Will my agents be able to collaborate with the buyers on the repair list like before?

    Will we be able to have diagrams auto load like before?

    will I be able to set up my Web Writer then send it off for the other inspectors in our company to use?

  • Mike Rogers (Product)

    Hi All,

    Lot's of great suggestions here.  I'll try to address each of them:

    1. Reordering comments in Web Writer

    We are currently working on the ability to alter the order of systems and items in Web Writer along with the ability to hide or display specific items.  This is a complex undertaking therefore we're going to release this in phases.  The first phase you'll see is the release of a comments library, this is where everything will be centrally managed.  Next up we'll start allowing users to alter the order of systems for all inspections.  Based on user feedback we're planning on allowing users to reorder or hide individual items also.  Right now you should also be able to search for a specific comment regardless of order.

    2. Support for Rooms and Systems in Web Writer

    This is a planned feature for the Web Writer.  It's too early in the development cycle for us to commit to a delivery date, but I'll keep the community updated as we progress.

    3. Mobile app for Web Writer

    We have one in the works for the summer.  I am working on early versions with our software testers right now.  I will be providing a sneak peak during our upcoming webinar on April 8:

    4. Support for CRL for Web Writer

    We have a number of high demand items that we're addressing first, but we know that this is important to Inspectors, Real Estate Professionals and buyers.  I expect this will be something we'd look at early in 2022, but we'll update the community if things change. 

    5. Auto loading of diagrams in Web Writer

    if I understand this request correctly you'd like to be able to apply diagrams to comments by default.  We're investigating this feature, along with the ability to add photos to systems and rooms without them being assigned to a comment.  Please reach out to me direct to ensure that I understand this request fully:

    6. Sharing configuration templates in Web Writer

    Yes!  This year we are building in the concept of a library where you can manage comments and disclaimers, next up we'll allow you to configure different report types with customizable print templates and systems.  Once we think that we have the right level of configuration we'll move onto multi-inspector and collaboration features.  I expect the rest of this year will be focused on building out the features while early 2022 will see more emphasis on multi-inspector collaboration. 

    I hope this answers your questions.  If you want to see some of the above items first hand I'll be hosting mini product highlight sessions at HomeGauge Together.  I will also be covering some of the above Web Writer specific items during our Web Writer webinar on April 8:

  • Joseph Fila
    • so how do two inspectors on the same property send their reports to the client and agent? if two reports are generated for that property would it not be  confusing and cumbersome to those who receive the reports? thanks in advance.
  • Darren Jones

    Both users login to the same account and work on the same report. When it's finished everything gets synced and the client only receives a single report.


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