Pre-Drywall Inspection Report


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    Hey there James! 

    We do have a template that inspectors use for pre-dry wall but you may not realize it since the name is "New Construction Phases" and it can be found in the New Construction template category.

    This template is used differently than normal templates.  There is a detailed template description that appears in the template selection window.  Read this for instructions on how to use the template.  And think outside the box, you don't need to include every category in the template if you are simply focusing on pre-dry wall.  Just exclude the sections you don't need.  The template's intention is for the inspector to go to the property after all the phases of construction.  Of course if you are just doing pre-dry wall parts you would be using all the sections that fall under Phase 2 and exclude the rest as you see fit.

    As far as the new Web Writer goes, we don't have all the templates fully developed yet but I'll let the team know not to forget about this one!

    Below is a visual of where to locate the template:

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