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  • Official comment

    Hello Joe,

    As I mentioned in my other response to your post about feature requests ( I am really hoping that this forum will be another way to connect with inspectors and their feedback. 

    I am going to discuss this feedback with the Product team and see if something like this request is being planed for the new Web Writer. While currently in beta the Web Writer is a great fresh slate for HomeGauge to receive feedback and implement new features. Currently report fills and templates as you are used to don't really exist in the Web Writer. It has been mentioned in meetings before but if there are already plans in place for report fill I will make sure to provide the Product team your information so they can reach out directly with questions.

    Any other inspectors please comment and vote to get the conversation going on how the Web Writer could use something like "Report Fill" to save you time.

  • Joe Klampfer

    Ok,  thanks Nick.  Does that mean that there will no longer be updates for HG5 as all focus and energy now is going into the web-based product ?  I was hopeful that any changes to the web-writer would also carry over into my full-blown desktop version...  I've put in tons of hours getting my software tweaked to where it works as well as can be expected and have no desire to get into the web-writer version. 

  • Nick

    The future of HomeGauge will be the Web Writer but the goal is to make sure the software and application are maintained in the best possible place as we transition. We still are collecting issues and features for the classic software and application but most large features will be left for the Web Writer. The classic software in its lifespan has only ever had one dedicated developer. We still work with the developer in a contract role when prioritizing bugs and feature requests and have had some recent updates to the software and android application with more to come this year. We also realize that many inspectors like yourself have spent years inside of HomeGauge and that we need tools to convert all that hard work on templates and comments into the Web Writer for there to be adoption of the new product down the road. None of this will happen immediately but the future of HomeGauge is moving towards a completely mobile application in the model of the Web Writer which will be easier to maintain and update and hopefully more user friendly and useful for the inspector. 

  • Wayne Kosters

    As a NRVIA RV inspector I too would like to see the features that Joe Klampfer is presenting in this post. Has there been thought about an API interface to allow the user to functionality like this? 


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