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    Thank you for bringing this up! The goal is to try and be more transparent with all of our requests and how we receive feedback and requests from inspectors. There have been multiple over the years to improve the photo editor and the tools available inside of it. I was able to find your two requests. #1135 Feature Request: Would like dotted lines in photo editor and  #1210 Rotate "Circle Tool" in Photo Editor. I can tell you that we currently only have 1 inspector linked to #1135 and 3 inspectors linked to #1210. The process of linking inspectors to requests through the Support team is how we have traditionally tried to capture inspector feedback. We are hoping this community forum will be another way that Inspectors can provide feedback and vote on issues or respond to issues like this. The end goal being giving the Product team more ways to view the popularity of a request and Inspectors more visibility on already existing requests.

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    Mike Rogers (Product)

    Thanks for the feedback Joe.  We have incorporated annotation features right into the brand new Web Writer.  The options included so far are:

    * Draw and resize a circle, square, arrow or line.

    * We're working on adding crop and rotate directly into the application in addition to being able to do so from the device.

    I like your suggestion about irregular shapes and dotted lines.  If you could contact me direct at I'd love to set up a call and get more detail.  In the meantime, we have an upcoming webinar based around Web Writer on April 8th where I'll be providing an overview of the image annotation feature along with some new additions:

    I hope to see you there!

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