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Programming Flaw with Updating Agent Emails



  • Official comment

    Thanks for the feedback! This has definitely been a long standing pain point, and as we are working on the Web Report Writer and the Inspector Dashboard we are looking at better ways to handle this particular interaction. This interaction has definitely been the focal point of that conversation.

    In short, it's something we are looking into, as the way we currently handle it has definitely caused some frustration and confusion in the past. I'm going to meet with the head of our product team to discuss this a little further to give you some better insight, and would be happy to update you via email as we get it hammered out.

  • Chris Matthews

    Just wanting an update to see if this issue has been resolved?  I need to remove old email addresses for Realtors as they are constantly on the move between offices.  Thanks!

  • Gina Cornelius

    Please, this is a nightmare so often with realtors changing emails constantly and can not receive emails to their old email address. We need immediate action and you don't answer the phone. Please help fix this problem. 9 years of this ridiculousness.


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