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Web writer feedback



  • Mike Senty

    I'm trying to figure out how to get Web Writer to function for reporting inspections by June 15. I might be missing something, and I'll follow up with support on Monday, but how do I tag one or more locations to an observation? For example: "Finding - GFCI protection missing. Locations: Main floor bathroom, Detached garage, Basement utility room". 

    The only way I can figure out how to do this is to modify the finding each time that the same observation is located in several rooms; "Finding - GFCI missing in 1) Main floor bathroom, 2) Detached garage, 3) Basement utility room"

    Even one finding needs to have a location; "Finding - Interior door drags on floor. Location: Master bedroom". It appears even with single finding that I have to modify the finding to read "Interior door drags on floor in the Main floor bedroom"

    In essence, before publishing the report, it appears that every finding has to be modified to include its unique location. 

  • Keith Dompier

    I am concerned that it looks like HomeGauge is moving WebWriter to the lead and leaving desktop and companion not getting the latest updates that they could get.  WebWriter requires an internet connection.  Not all areas in the SouthWest that I home inspect at can give me a reliable internet connection at this time.  So if I go to WebWriter, what do I do then?  I hope that this isn't going to happen anytime soon but the releases on the WebWriter page indicate this to be true.  Can someone in development look into this?

  • Chris Connor

    I have to say how disappointed I am to not be able to try the beta version of the web writer simply because I am Canadian. Currently the program will not recognize a postal code as being valid. Come on guys as a past programmer this is a simple fix and frustrating that in 2021 this is even an issue. How about we get this corrected so all your paying customers can try this thing out.

  • Caitlin HG End User

    Chris - we hear you and we are sorry for the frustration this has caused for you. We are definitely working on getting the functionality updated to allow our Canadian users to access our newest product. We have had a heads down focus on getting some of this initial functionality in place but in no way meant to leave you all stranded for long.

    HomeGauge Product Architect

  • Caitlin HG End User

    Keith - We are still actively working on updates to our desktop and companion applications while working on the Web Writer work that you are seeing. Our Web Writer mobile application will work offline and is close to being ready for our Beta users. Mike Rogers has a product update video coming out within the next day or two that should speak to both topics. 

  • Charles Power

    Is there a way to add a contact that is already in my list to the report by clicking on their name? If so, how do I accomplish that? If not, it would be very convenient to be able to do that. Right now I am still having to search for the name and write it down, and add it manually. 


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