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SMS texting reminders to clients



  • Tyler

    Hey Chris!

    This is great feedback. Our product team is currently looking into incorporating text in more ways, so I'll send these suggestions up while they are working on it. Have a great rest of your week!

  • Chris Matthews

    Just following up with the incorporation of text messaging to our clients and Realtors.  I pay a third party to text my clients from the Google calendar.  Would love for this to be an option from Homegauge even if I had to pay an extra fee.


  • Stephen Feck

    I too am following up on this topic. Texting is the one thing that makes other inspection software vendors stand out from Homegauge. Almost everyone uses SMS in todays world. A text to the client with a "please check your" etc. message would a great selling point for HG and a huge benefit for home inspectors. 

  • Anthony Westbrook

    Just wanted to chime in and see if there have been any new updates.


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