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The first of probably many posts.....introduction



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    Caitlin HG End User

    Hi Frank,

    I do see that this has been one of our more popular requests recently, especially as we have added RV Inspectors into the mix. Our support team escalated the request and we are reviewing the different use cases to ensure we have the appropriate changes considered.

    At this point, we are looking at adding an option of "Owner" to the "Customer is" drop down in New Appointments. I believe that would address the primary concern here but please let us know if that isn't the case!

    Thank you,
    HomeGauge Product Architect

  • Chris Matthews

    I agree.  The owner option would be nice for Home Maintenance Inspections.

  • Keith Dompier

    Not a bad suggestion.  Actually, in the HG desktop software the term used is client.  Does it really matter if they are the buyer or the owner?  Probably not but they are the client.  So perhaps this is a better term to use throughout the software including the appointments.  Consistency will help us all


  • Frank D'Angelo

    Actually, in the report it does say "Owner", so report-wise we are good. I get around the "Mr. & Mrs" no longer being allowed by using like "Jack & Jill" under the first name.  I was referring to when you book an inspection it only gives you 4 options...Buyer, Buyer's agent, Seller and Seller's agent. Very limited.


  • Keith Dompier

    I honestly believe whatever you come up with Caitlin will likely work, but please make everything consistent.  In the calendar, in the report writing software and in the companions.  Right now It is a mish mosh.  So I can pick client in the iPhone HG Companion which is perfect.  They may not be the owner.  They may not be the seller.  They may not be the Buyer.  But yes they are the client.  No matter whom the are they are always the client.  May also have a seller.  In my software, I don't see owner anywhere so it must be in that particular software.  Is that correct?  I'd ask that we just make it consistent.  

  • Joseph Stetor

    I've had the same experience with home guage basically a good product but support for minor fixes is non existent


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