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    Caitlin HG End User

    Thank you for the information, Mario. That makes sense. We have a feature coming up in our Web Writer backlog to integrate the inspection dashboard appointments with the Web Writer reports. This will allow you to manage the customer details from the Inspector Dashboard and utilize the other functionality in there like notifications, agreements, and payments.

    We are definitely aware of the concern around the photo slowness. We are working to address that now. We are taking some of the functionality that we built for our mobile applications and applying it to the browser version to ensure they all work consistently and smoothly.

  • Caitlin HG End User

    Hi Mario,

    Would you mind providing a little more context on this one? Are you suggesting a workflow change in one of the products or looking for feedback from other inspectors on how/when they capture customer information for their reports?



  • Mario Brown

    I'm suggesting a work flow change. Web writer does not let you enter in customer email address when adding a new inspection. You can only add the email address after you publish the report. Also, web writer takes a very long time when adding pictures to the report as your working on the report


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