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Keep Home Hub Zone partially alive until there is a Web Writer app



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  • Mike Rogers
    Hi Mike,
    We understand that you rely on HomeHubZone to run your business. Unfortunately, some changes are occurring to the environments where HomeHubZone is hosted which means we will not be able to guarantee the availability of the HomeHubZone application on the Web or in the app store beyond the 15th. We're running regular training sessions for users wanting assistance with the transition and we will be extracting all reports for users in PDF format to ensure that you do not lose access to your data.
    We have the HomeHubZone users first on the list for the new offline application next month as we know offline access is such a big deal. The new app will be very similar to what you're already using with the Web Writer so you won't have to learn something all over again. I recommend that you work with our awesome support team to get everything up and running in the Web Writer.
    Mike Rogers
    HomeGauge Product Team

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