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Problems with the Texas template



  • Clete Pfeiffer

    Okay, so first of all, I'm just fellow inspector here in Texas and am not an employee of HomeGuage but I saw your comment and wanted to respond...

    I have been inspecting homes in Texas for years and so I'm very familiar with the pdf page break issue. That issue has nothing to do with HomeGuage. I've had the exact same issue with other software. Its just the fact that its a pdf, I think. It seems like you should be able to associate a picture with the comment and if both cannot fit on the page then the page break happens above the comment instead of below it but I've seen dozens of reports from various inspectors and I don't recall seeing one that didn't have this issue.

    I'm in the process of starting my own inspection company and this ridiculous pdf file issue is a major part of what made me want to use HomeGuage in the first place. Their HTML version of the report is far better and while each of my customers will get the pdf version, I intend to focus on the HTML version of the report and will encourage my clients to do the same.

  • Michael Baker

    Thank You, I will look into how I might use this information to make a more presentable report.  Much luck to you in starting your inspection company.  Michael Baker Sage Home Inspections PLLC.


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