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What DEVICE(s) are you using with HG Software? (Desktop HG SW or Companion App, Mac or PC, iPhone or Android, etc.


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  • Joe Warren

    I'm on a MAC with Paralles  and it works well enough. I have had plenty of issues but normally get them taken care of quickly either with google searches or HG support. I use a Samsung tablet in the field then use the cloud to transfer. Yesterday, I couldn't transfer to the cloud from the companion and tried 5 times! Luckly for me, I have a backup windows laptop and it saved the day. I manually transferred the report from the companion to the laptop, finished the report, PDF it and transferred the PDF to my MAC to review it better and then send to the client. I have considered just using the laptop but my MAC is bigger and better. Hope that helps you a little bit! I have tried using my I-phone with the companion but didn't like it, too small!


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