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Why do you have to click on the check mark on the screen to place a picture in the section.




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    HomeGauge Product Team

    Hi Bryck,

    If you're using the Android Companion and are running Android 7.0 or later, you may have recently received the latest update to version which has an option to prevent you from needing to tap the check mark. To see if you're on that version you can go to the menu >  About.

    To make it so that you can quickly take single photos, you'll want to go to the menu > More > Photo Options and ensure that the last option on that screen titled "Use HG Camera Multi-Snap feature instead of one photo at a time" is unchecked.

    Other information about the update can be found here: Android Companion Version – HomeGauge Support Center

  • John Grimaldi

    I love this feature!!!  It's a time saver!! great job devs!!

    The only thing is when you take multiple pics they don't stay in the order you shoot them ... 


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