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Modifying An Existing Report



  • Suzie

    Hi Clete,

    Fear not!  Most inspectors using HomeGauge do exactly what you do.  They arrange a time to go back and complete the uninspected items.  HomeGauge reports can be modified at any point and you can upload that updated copy to share with your client.

    1. Go to Open Report, select the report you want to modify and click Open.

    2. Make the modifications you desire.  Add photos, comments, change comments etc.

    3. When done, follow the normal steps to upload and distribute!


    One catch is, if you are completing the original version of the inspection on a HG Companion Mobile App (on  phone or tablet) the process is slightly different.  The report version on the mobile app gets sent to the cloud and downloaded back into your software where you add final edits and photo annotations.   So if you want to add more data a few days later (or whenever), you don't want to add to the report on the mobile app since it's now old.  You would want to send the finalized version (that is on your PC) up to the cloud and back onto your mobile device.  So you can add the new data to the finalized version.  Once you are done, send it back to your PC and upload as normal.

     I hope this helps.  Don't hesitate to call in if you'd like to walk through the step with someone over the phone. 



  • Clete Pfeiffer

    So, just to be very clear...'re saying that I can send a report to a client, they can view that report and then, some time later, I can open that report and make whatever changes I want and then resend that modified version of the report to the client.

    Is the original version of the report still available to the client as though there are now two reports or is it that when they view the report its just the same report but modified to show the new information?

  • Clete Pfeiffer

    In answer to my own question, I just did it and it worked exactly as I hoped it would!

    Thanks for you help, Suzie!

  • Suzie


    Have a great Friday Clete!


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