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New automatic comment; delete it!




  • Official comment
    Caitlin HG End User

    The Automatic Comments have been removed with the release that came out on 09/01/21. That included getting the numbers back into place and the concerns showing in the summary. N/A is still going through testing and should be out shortly.

  • Mike Senty

    Another new item that's a problem: Items in the Concerns Summary section at the top of the report are no longer numbered. They only have a dot. MANY times, when discussing items I refer to the item number to facilitate the discussion. Please add back the numbers in this section and remove the dots.

  • Mike Senty

    To continue my experience with this "Visually observed..." item: I had an inspection today with attached garage, no attic access between the two. I inspected the attached garage attic. The house scuttle was sealed, so I had to disclaim the house attic. One house; inspected only part of the attic. That "Visual observed..." comment created a lot of confusion. I ended up creating two Truss, Sheathing, Insulation sections; one for the garage and one for the house. Sure would have been much easier without that "Visually observed..." comment automatically being inserted. The Disclaimers I have would have allowed me to not have to duplicate so much, thus making for more report writing time and customer confusion. That's my take...l

  • Tom Cameron

    Agree get rid of ""Visually observed the item...""

    Concerns not numbered and lesser concerns are not list in the summary.. Why ?

    All N/A items are now listed are "Not Applicable" in report... Why?

    I made changes in web writer but not showing up in preview or published...

  • Mike Senty

    <Concerns not numbered and lesser concerns are not list in the summary.. Why ?>

    <All N/A items are now listed are "Not Applicable" in report... Why?>

    Totally agree!


    <and lesser concerns are not list in the summary.. >

    I made a support request on this issue (no items listed under Maintenance) and it's being addressed. Fridays inspection, still not resolved.

  • Caitlin HG End User

    Sorry for the delayed response. My alerts were not set correctly and I missed these items. I will try to address the items listed here but it is hard when they are combined into a single thread.

    Original Automatic Comment post:

    Lesser Concerns missing from summary:

    • Actively working on getting this back into the summary

    N/A Items showing on report:

    • Actively working on removing these items; they were appearing due to descriptions being providing about the items

    Bullets rather than Numbers:

    • Looking into the request behind this one to determine the impact to switching back to numbers.

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