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  • Official comment

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We are currently in active discussions to figure out the best way to implement locations in a way that works for both former HHZ users, and for what HG Desktop users are already used to. If you have any specific suggestions or use cases with your workflow, definitely let us know in the Product Feedback section. Either way, I've gone ahead and let our product team know you were inquiring about this feature. Have a great rest of your week!

  • Mike Senty

    Ya, a PIA... I end up either adding a comment to; Title (*****): Siding (north wall), or put the location as a comemnt under the individual photo(s). Adding it to the comment title tends to corrupt that area, again, a PIA. HG has a way to go still in order to bring this software to the level it was as HHZ. My inspection time is up 10% or more from what it was with HHZ, meaning my income per hour is down by 10% or more. They need to get the mobile app working (better), including being able to inspect by room and report by system.

  • Mike Senty


    Maybe you'll see this, or not. This is an old post. It used to be that location in Home Hub Zone was listed as below, copied from an old HHZ report:

    Breaker Was Oversized

    Location: Entry mudroom
    Impact: The breaker may not trip causing the wiring to overheat
    Suggested Action: Have repaired by a licensed electrician

    In the HHZ format, we were inspecting by room on the app, which is sorely missing and is important if WW is to become a top notch reporting program for inspector work flow. Room was automatically added from the app when inspecting by room in HHZ. Of course, the HHZ report was by system - "inspect by room, report by system". Being able to manually add location is better than what has to be done right now. Location is critical to good communication with client and realtor, a missing and necessary item in WW.

  • Tyler

    That's good additional info, Thanks Mike!


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