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Add "Observation" as a Comment Status



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    Caitlin HG End User

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tom, and for the follow-up, Darren! Tom, we would love to hear your thoughts on the other post that Darren pointed to. 

  • Darren Jones

    Agreed. It's something already in the works. Check out this post:

  • Mike Senty

    "Add "Observation" as a Comment Status":  

    Agree 100%  Changing "Compliment" to "Observation" is very logical for the use I make of it. It should remain as an item that does not show up in the Summary "table of contents" at the top of the report.

  • Darren Jones

    an expression of praise, commendation, or admiration

    giving or affording satisfaction; fulfilling all demands or requirements

    Compliment should be Satisfactory, and Observation should be for general observation without concern such as:

    • Main water shut off
    • Main electrical shut off
    • room photos (as needed)
    • roof view, ect

    My 2 cents :) 


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