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Release Notes 11/23/2021 - Web Writer



  • James Canino

    when will ‘GARAGE’ and video be added?

  • Caitlin HG End User

    Great question, James.

    The Web Writer roadmap can be found here: Web Report Writer ( Garage is a part of our Room View of Systems & Items. 

  • Darren Jones

    These updates will save a lot of time. One thing I noticed that wasn't listed in the notes is the reminder to save a new concern. Instead of the little check box at the bottom to save for future use, there is now a pop-up on the screen that requires you to choose "save for future use" or "one-time-use". That's a nice improvement. I can't tell you how many times I have taken the time to word something in just the right way but then forgot to check the box.

    I also really like the comments view in the system page. You can now expand the comment text and edit it right there in the comment. Scrolling up to manage comments and then going back to find the comment. Much faster!

    Now that the comment library is alphabetized in all views and that includes added comments (WOOT!) we need to update the library by verb. For instance:

    Some issues are limited to the item material but verb first would be easy to locate:
    Cracked brick veneer
    Melted vinyl siding

    But then some verbs identify an issue across many materials:


    Recreating the library in a standard format would be a tremendous addition to reducing our reporting time.

    Big thanks to Team HG!

  • Mike Senty

    I mentioned this to Darren in a PM: When writing comments, some inspectors organized by verb, others by noun - or both. I do both. Being alphabetical order is the key to basic organization. Having the word search function is the saving grace, a WW improvement over HHZ. HHZ did not have a word search function as I recall.

    Thanks for the work!


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