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Edit pictures in companion app

Not planned



  • Official comment

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about this enhancement to our product. I believe your suggestion would add value to our product; however, it doesn't align with our current product roadmap.
    This suggestion will be reviewed in about 12 months, at which point we'll consider whether we need to alter its status.
    Our Web Writer apps for Android and iOS apps do support editing photos- while I know this isn't exactly what you were after as you use the Companion currently. The Web Writer apps for Android and iOS allow the user to annotate, crop, and rotate the picture from the device. We are focusing on improving features like annotations (and many more!) for Web Writer before tackling similar features with our Companion applications.


  • Marion Hodges

    Being able to edit pictures homegauge companion app would be a total game changer. HomeGauge is my favorite inspection software but I lose so much time having to edit every single picture on the computer.


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