What is the difference between HG software and HG Services?

When you purchase HG 5 software, you are able to put that software on as many computers as you need as long as you are the only inspector using the software. You can install HG software on multiple computers for your own use, or for your office person at no additional charge.

Multi-inspectors companies will need to purchase additional license(s) for each inspector.  HomeGauge does offer a discount on additional software licenses. Please call us for more details on multi-inspector firms.

The HG 5 software is yours forever when you purchase! You will get all updates of the whole number you purchase (in this case version 5) at no additional charge. 


HG version 5 installs on any windows computer win 7, 8 or 10  and doesn't require the internet to create the inspection report. You can print the report when complete or save to PDF and send as an attachment.

You can use our HG Services, however, to create a one of a kind experience for your customer and agents using our HG Services and sending them a "Web Presentation" instead of a bulky PDF. You can use HG services as a marketing tool that will positively get you more business than sending a one-time bulky pdf attachment.

HG Services is so much more too. HG Services gives you marketing abilities that surpass any other report delivery on the market today!  It gives you unlimited telephone tech support; all upgrades to the software; 5 year storage of your reports; time stamps that validate the report delivery; forced payments; forced agreements; marketing email letters called TRM (or Time Release messaging); a superb scheduler; Social Network marketing with each report delivery (Facebook Recommend and Google+); the cloud transfer process to move reports from device to computer or from computer to computer;  report storage for agents through you; have agents and customers come to your website to pick up report or "branding of your company website;" offer a home warranty that guarantees the home inspection covered items; use BuildFax to learn more about historical permits about the home; make money with ADT and other partners; and use our automatic back-up feature of all your settings, templates, agent and customer data in the event of an emergency. Get more business by using HG Services.


Click here to see a sample report, what we call a "Web Presentation" using HG Services. Remember: At the top of each report will be YOUR logo, your profile pic, Social network marketing Facebook and Google+ links, a PDF option for your agent and buyer to save report, and a Summary link at the top right that your agent can get instantly! Be sure and click on the pictures to see them expand to high resolution! Now you can even include small pics because they all can expand to super large hi-res. Video in your report is powerful and no one can include video in a web presentation like HomeGauge! 

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