Getting started with the HomeGauge Companion app. How do I link it to the HG v5 desktop software?

  1. Go to Google Play for your Android device or the App Store for your iOS device. Search the store for 'HomeGauge Companion' and install the app.
  2. Make sure you have the HomeGauge software downloaded to your computer. If you haven't done this yet, log in to and download HG5 on your windows laptop or Windows-based tablet. If you are a new user, download the free trial. Be sure to create a username and password when you fill out the form.
  3. Under HG Services enter your username and password on both the companion device and your computer software:
       HomeGauge Companion (HGC): From the home screen in the companion open the menu and select HG Services username and password.
      NOTE TO ANDROID USERS: The menu button on the Android devices isn't always obvious. There are a couple of places to check:
      1. If there are three dots on the screen then this is your menu button.
      2. If there are not three dots, check these places: To the left and right of your home button at the bottom of your device (NOT the HG Home button) there is a back icon and a square/double window icon. Try long holding your finger on one of these and you should see the menu pop up.

        HomeGauge 5 (HG5):
At the top of the software select HG Services Enter Inspector HG Username.

If you have Templates that you have created/edited, you'll need to get your template from your HG software to the HGC.
  • Go to HG5 desktop and select HG Services and click Upload Cloud Templates and Settings. A subscreen will appear prompting you to select a template.
  • Click in the left column so an X appears next to your template and click OK. You can select multiple templates to send if you choose.
  • From your mobile device through the HGC user Menu, select HG Services and tap Get Templates and Settings.
  • Your templates will now be on the HGC and match the ones in your software. We recommend sending your templates to your HGC whenever your make template changes in your software. (Every evening or every morning before you go to do inspections is a good habit to form!)


To connect your HGC with the software:

Be sure you have internet, preferably a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. From the Companion app, click on Customer and put in "test" as the name.
  2. On the menu, select HG Services and and choose Send Current Report to Cloud.
  3. Once complete, go to the computer and open your HomeGauge software. At the top menu click HG Services and select Get Report From Cloud.
  4. Select the "test" report from the list and click Download.
  5. Once complete, select Open at the top left the screen and open the report. You've now introduced the HGC to your HomeGauge software.
  6. If you need to activate your Companion Device, click on Devices at the top of the screen, (NOTE: If you are using HG version 5.2 or later, you will choose "Options" instead of "Devices".) select HG Companion, and click HG Companion License. You will see the device ID in the left column, click on it and the device ID will turn blue. Enter your license number in the boxes indicated. Then click Activate.
If you have any questions about this process, please call our awesome support team for assistance - 828.254.2030.
QUICK TIP: After you bring a real report down from the cloud (from your HomeGauge Companion) your pictures will already be in the appropriate inspection items. At the top of the screen, locate the Find Unanswered drop down, click on it and select Edit All Photos. Click Find First button to the right and it will locate all your pictures for editing (arrows, circles, adding text, etc.).
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