How do I use Mr Fix-It's Home Systems Illustrated with HomeGauge?

What is it?

Mr. Fix-It's Home Systems Illustrated is a book and CD of techical line drawings that can be used in a home inspection report.

Using the illustrations in your report 

1 - Copy the jpgs from the CD that comes with the book into the folder:


You can keep the folder organization that is on the CD. The folders the images are in will enable you to find the images by category / subfolder.

2 - After copying the files into your drawings folder, in the Drawings pane in HomeGauge Software click on "Select Subfolder" to browse through the images. Click on the "Parent Folder" icon to go back one level.

3 - When you find an illustration you want to use with your inspection item, you can drag it into your report directly from the Drawings pane in HomeGauge Software, just like you would drag in a photo.


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