How do I create a re-inspection report in HomeGauge?

You've inspected the property and found some problems. After repairs have been made your customer may want you to return for a re-inspection.

With HomeGauge, it's easy to create a re-inspection report.

In the software:

  1. Click on the Open icon (manila envelope) near the top left corner of your software.
  2. Click once on the report you'd like to create a reinspection of to highlight it blue. Do not open it yet.
  3. Next, you'll click the gear icon near the lower right of the 'Open Report' box. The gear icon will give you a drop-down menu.

  4. From the drop-down menu, select Create Reinspection from Selected Report.

  5. A box will open that asks you if you'd like to create a re-inspection.
    By choosing the re-inspection option, your newly created report will be a copy of the report you selected BUT all items will be excluded by default except the items that you sent to the Summary in your initial report. The software will create a flag icon at each Summary item, and it will change the date of the report to the current date. 

    Click 'Yes' to generate your re-inspection report.

  6. The software will tell you that the re-inspection report has been saved. You can click 'Okay' when that message appears.

  7. Find the newly created report (usually at the top of your list of reports) and double-click it to open the report.

  8.  Make certain that you change the report ID to reflect that this is a reinspection. (You could add 're-' to the front or the end of the report ID)

Now you can begin inspecting. A handy tool to use within this reinspection report is located at the inspection item:

  • When on one of the inspection items needing to be reinspected, if you select the small gear above where you enter the comment an option to either Pass or Fail this item will appear. You can then add additional comments if you like.



You may want to add a cover page that says 'Re-inspection Report' instead of 'Inspection report.' Click the following link for instructions on how to do just that. 

Creating a different Cover Page

If you find yourself often performing re-inspections you may want to create a print setting just for those reports. Click the link below for instructions on creating new print settings in your software.

Create a Print Setting

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