I already own HomeGauge. How can I get the software on a new computer? or restore after a crash?

Need to start over with a new computer? Maybe your hard drive went bad or you were a victim of a virus. Maybe you are upgrading from an old machine. Or maybe you just want your HomeGauge software on multiple computers.

Using the cloud feature in HG5 makes this task a breeze. The key is to prepare BEFORE you need to get your files back. Below you will find step by step instructions for backing up your user settings as well as how to set up a new or restored computer and bring your settings down from cloud.

Before you need to transfer files, use the HG Cloud:

Step 1. Back up your user settings regularly.

Periodically HG5 will prompt you to backup your user settings to cloud, when this happens DO IT! Backing up your settings to cloud stores them there so if you buy a new computer, or your old computer crashes, you can have all your templates, logos and comments ready to be imported.

You don't have to wait to be prompted, you can backup your user settings any time you like by going to HG Services in your Version 5 software. At the top of your software screen click on 'HG Services', this will bring up a drop down menu. Click on 'Enter Inspector HG Name' and sign in with your username and password.

Click on 'HG Services' again and choose 'Backup HG User Settings'. A window will then open explaining you are about to backup your settings to the cloud and ask you if you want to proceed, click 'Yes'. Your settings will then start uploading to the cloud. When the process is complete you will see a message that the backup was successful.

Step 2. Restoring your HG User settings.

Once you have installed the HG5 software on your new or restored computer (download link), open your software and go to HG Services at the top of your screen. When the drop down menu appears, click on 'Enter Inspector HG Name' and enter your user name and password. Click on 'HG Services' again and select 'Restore HG User Settings.' This will begin the process of transferring your settings down from the cloud.  

Step 3.  Activate your license.

Go to Options, then choose 'Inspector & License' and enter your 16 digit license key number and click 'Activate.'  You will need to close HomeGauge for limitations to be removed, and then re-open HomeGauge.

Once this process is complete you will be ready to begin your next report with all your comments, logos, and templates already in place.

This process DOES NOT transfer your reports to the new computer. If you've been uploading reports, they are stored on the Dashboard, but if you need to move all of your previous reports from one computer to another, you'll need to do that manually.
Click here for instructions on how to transfer reports to another computer.







It's important you follow this exact sequence:

If you have one main/central back up of all your settings and one of your inspector's computers fails then this order must be followed exactly in order to work properly with the "correct" account name.

1. On the new computer sign in at www.homegauge.com and at My Dashboard download the software (there is a link "Install HG 5" on the left side of your screen) onto your new computer.

2.If you want to restore all your back up files onto the new computer then open the software on the new computer and at the menu line select 'HG Services' and then choose 'Enter HG Username and Password.'  You will need to sign in with the username and password of the inspector with the main/central back up. Then select 'Restore HG User Settings' also under the HG Services menu. This restore will place the incorrect name (the name of the main back-up inspector) at the license information (Options > Inspector and License), but you will be able to remove the name and insert the correct inspector name and license number in those fields.

3. If you don't know your license key, you can find your HG software license number by going to your Dashboard.  Click on 'Account Settings' and then choose 'License and Services.' Enter your license key on your new computer under Options > Inspector and License AFTER you restore. Next click 'Activate' beside where you entered your license key. Finally, close your HG software and re-open it.

4. You are ready to inspect.


Note: To restore forms, you'll enter any license keys for any forms (like NPMA, pest control, etc.) that you purchased.  You will need to download the form (from the email you received when you purchased it) and enter in your special license key for that form.

Download NPMA form (note: you still must have the key to activate it)

How to Backup/Restore Manually

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