How can I help my customer log in to sign the Agreement?


Inspectors often ask how they can guide their customer through logging in to sign the Agreement and to view the Inspection Report.

The following are instructions to help your customers get logged in to HomeGauge.

(Customers may click a link in the email to be directed to HomeGauge OR to the inspector's website to log in. The steps are the same after log-in.)

In your customer's internet browser, they will go to and click "Log In" at the top right corner.

HomeGauge log-in page

The customer will be taken to the sign-in page.
here

Your customer should sign in using the username and password that were in the email notification usually sent after an inspector uploads the Inspection Report. Make certain the customer double-checks the username and password and types them in correctly.  An incorrect username or password is the most common reason that a customer cannot view their report.  Next the customer will click the orange "Sign In" button.

The customer will be taken to a page that lists their Inspection Report(s). If they have had multiple inspections done, they'll see the reports all listed on this page. Next, they should choose the report they would like to view by clicking the "View Documents" button beneath the property address.

View Documents


If there is a Pre-inspection Agreement to sign, the software will prompt the customer that a signature is required. They should click the "Sign Agreements" button.

click sign Agreements

To sign the Agreement, the customer will see/read the document. Then they will click the "Agree" button and type their full name in the signature box. The customer should then click the "Sign Agreement(s)" button.

Sign the Agreement

After signing the Agreement, the customer will be able to view the Inspection Report if the inspector has already completed and uploaded it.

The page will look something like this. After the agreement has been signed, the customer can click the 'Inspection Report' button to view the Report.

Click to view the Agreement

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