How do I add a comment to my template so I can access it in the future and not type it every time?

HomeGauge allows you to store the comments you like to use so you can grab them whenever you like! To add a comment to your template do the following:

  1. Open the HG software on your pc and select your template.
  2. Navigate to the component/inspection item where you would like to add a comment.
  3. Type your comment in the inspection item box – check it for spelling and errors!
  4. Once you enter it completely, click on the magic wand with the plus sign at the top left of the text box.
  5. On the next screen, give the comment a short name – something simple like Leak or Mold, depending on the main subject of the comment.
  6. Next, there will be a prompt, click the box for Do Not Show This Again and click OK.
  7. You will now be prompted to select a category in which to store this comment. These categories will not match your template outline, they are categories that are found on every inspection regardless of the template used.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. If it is a plumbing comment, select the plumbing or a sub-category. Electrical? Choose appropriately.
  8. Once you select a category, click OK
  9. You will be brought back to the main report screen, at the top right corner click Save T. DO NOT WAIT – DO IT NOW!

Now this comment will be available for you to access in this template/inspection item in all your future reports! Great job!

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