How do I find the menu (and HG Services) on my Android Companion device?

Occasionally the menu button can be a bit tricky to find on an Android device.
Open your HG Companion mobile app and make certain you're on the home screen.  Your home screen should look a lot like this:

Companion home screen

From here you'll need to select the menu button in order to use HG Services to transfer reports and/or templates. The location of the menu button can be unique to each device.

For example, on a Samsung device the device's home button is located at the bottom, center of the device.  On either side of the home button, your device will have other function buttons.  On some devices there is a back button on the right side and a split screen button on the left.  Each device is unique and you may need to test out a few buttons to find the menu.  Again using Samsung as an example, often the menu button is a long-hold (touch and hold) on the back button. The menu usually appears near the bottom of your screen and will allow you to do things like open a report, save your report, access HG Services, and start a new report.

The menu screen on an Android device often looks like this (at the bottom of the screen):

Android Companion menu

If a long-hold on the back button doesn't apply to your device, you'll need to try the other opinions on your device. Try a long-hold on the button to the left of your home button.  Or try pressing (without holding) the buttons to the left of your home button OR to the right of the home button. You may not find it immediately. Try other options.
You can also look for a icon with three horizontal lines. If you have this icon, pressing it should reveal the menu.

Give HG Support a call (828-254-2030) if need help finding your menu.

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