Why should I use Report IDs?

The primary reason to use Report IDs has to do with using some features of your HG Services. When you are uploading documents, the Report ID helps keep them grouped together on the HG Dashboard so you can do things like use a Online Force Agreement or Force Payment more easily and effectively.

HG Software does assign numbers to the reports, but they do not work the same way a report ID would. It is important that Report IDs be unique to the report. Using a formula (as opposed to chronological numbers) is a better way to prevent ID duplicates. Consider using one of the following options for Report IDs:

  • Date + Address: 20150518-OakSt
  • Date + Customer Last Name: 20150518-Smith

The date always changes, and it is unlikely an inspection would be done on the same day, on the same street or for a client with the same last name. On the rare occassion that does happen, simply add an A or B to the end of the ID to prevent a duplicate.

In the end, you can use any system you like, as long as the IDs do not duplicate.

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