I just purchased HomeGauge software. Watch Tours and get Support... (Video)

First, pat yourself on the back for choosing the best software in the industry! In order to save time on your learning curve, we recommend watching some video tours.


1. Watch the "Workshop with Russell" series below — or — on YouTube search for HomeGauge "Workshop with Russell" parts 1-9. You will quickly learn how to navigate the software, choose your printed look (narrative, checklist, hybrid), how to edit your template and more! Also, on  the HomeGauge YouTube Channel you will find many other videos and webinars that will get you up to speed!

2. Come here to our Support Center anytime and find answers to your questions! You can also ask a question!

3. Call us during your first 3 months anytime for help. HG Services users get live support throughout the year as part of HG Services. Monday through Friday 9-5 EST 828-254-2030


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