HomeGauge Online Agreement System (video)

On March 1st, 2016 HomeGauge is released a brand new online agreement system. This is a big improvement that gives you the ability to use multiple agreements, all editable online. Plus, when you create an online agreement, it becomes a downloadable appointment in your software. Kill two birds with one stone!

What if I'm already uploading agreements with my HomeGauge Software?

If you're already uploading agreements for online signatures through your HomeGauge Software and would like to continue doing it that way — you can! One important change, though, is that whenever you upload an agreement, a signature will automatically be required. Previously, you would have to add a force agreement each time. This new system we think will reduce confusion and streamline the system. 

Watch the tour below about our new online agreement system!


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2016-04-04 16:17
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