How do I download one of my uploaded, saved reports from the dashboard? (Plus Video)

See video at the bottom of the page for a youtube tutorial on this.

Step by step instructions:

Navigate to your dashboard (at and to your reports. After finding the report you wish to download select the Manage tab, which is located right above your uploaded inspection report. A dropdown box will appear. Select the Download option. This will take you to the download instruction page. 


Download Instructions

1.  Once you click on Download Document below, a new window will pop up asking you what you want to do with the file called "". Inspection number will be an actual number, for example:

2. Click the arrow to the right of the Save button and choose Save As. Pick the location to save the file. Choose your Documents-->HomeGauge-->Reports folder and click Save.

If there is no arrow to the right of your Save button, click Save and then open up your file manager on your computer. Find that report file in your Downloads folder and right click with your mouse to copy the file. Then paste it into your Documents-->HomeGauge-->Reports folder.

3.  Once this is saved, go to your computer files and navigate to your Documents-->HomeGauge-->Reports folder. You should see the file you just downloaded. It will be a number file and the file folder itself will have a zipper on it. 

4. RIght click on the report folder and choose Extract All. It should look like this:

4. A  box will pop up that looks like this:


Uncheck the box that says Show Extracted Files When Complete. This isn't necessary but it makes it less confusing as this displays all the pieces of the report.

Then click on Extract.

This will create an unzipped copy of this report folder. You can now close out of your file manager window.

5.  Open HomeGauge and click on the Open folder icon. Click on the Refresh Database button towards the bottom of that window.  Your report will now be available for you to open.  Select your report and click on the Open button.


For the Video, see below:


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