I have to make changes to comments/text each time I start a report — how do I make these changes permanent? (applies to section introduction, section footer, general introduction)

If you edit a comment that is automatically inserted on report startup (after selecting a template), this change will only be permanent in your template if you edit the auto-comment.

Create a new report and select your template. Go to the comment that is automatically inserted that you want to edit.

1) Click on the "eraser" button to clear out the existing text

2) Click on the first "wand" button to insert an auto-comment

3) Highlight the comment that is currently being used and click on the "Edit Comment" button.

4) A window should pop up where you can edit the auto-comment — edit it as you'd like it to appear.

If you notice in this window, there is a checkbox up at the top to include this comment at report startup. If this is checked, the comment will appear with each new report. This applies to any comment in the report. If you want something to appear by default, create an auto-comment and be sure this checkbox is checked.

5) Click "ok" then "ok" again and the new comment should appear as you edited it in the correct window — save your template (Save T) and it should appear this way with each new report.

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