Adding an Appointment

Creating a New Appointment

On the Dashboard, click Appointments -> New Appointment. Fill out the form that loads to create the appointment. When finished you can choose to schedule the appointment which adds it to the calendar and prompts you to notify users, or simply save your changes which allows you to come back and edit prior to scheduling the appointment.

Tip: Using Appointments from your Mobile Device

As long as you have internet access, you can log into using the browser on your mobile device. You may need to tap the menu (three horizontal lines) to open the list of items such as Appointments.


I don't have an e-mail address for a customer or REP

The appointment manager requires a unique email address for adding a customer or real estate professional. If you do not have an email address for that customer or REP, we have a work around you can use. If you do not have an e-mail address for your contact or REP, you can add a temporary one using the steps below:

  1. Use your own e-mail address with a + and the customer's name. For example if your customer Jane Customer doesn't have an email address and your email is, enter an email address such as for the person without an email. That will allow you to create a customer or REP with a unique email address that will go to your inbox. You can always go back and change the email later.
  2. If you go back to change the email address later, and you get this error message: "There was an error while trying to update the REP information. Error: Email address [] already in use by "Username" You can copy and paste the username to add it to your report by using the contacts menu on the My Reports page. You would then need to copy that Username listed, go back to your appointment, DELETE the Username (and Contact) with the fake email address, and then add this Username you have copied for the already existing Customer or REP account.