How to Download ISN Appointments to HomeGauge

HomeGauge partners with ISN to allow you to download your ISN appointments into the software and HG Companion for Android.

  1. From your HomeGauge Dashboard select Account Settings -> HomeGauge Partners.
  2. On the next screen, scroll down until you see ISN Settings. Select the link below this heading to Enter ISN access keys / Import Contacts.
  3. Make sure that you select ON at the top of the page and enter your ISN keys. You can get this information from ISN by going to your ISN menu using Settings -> My Access Keys.
  4. Once you have the ISN feature turned on, using the HG software menu HG Services -> Download Online Appointments will pull information from ISN into the HG software. This will override any appointments you may have set up in the HG Online Appointments.

HTML reports have many benefits for your clients and agents over PDF including CRL, video, 360 photos, clickable photos that enlarge, and more. If you are used to sending a PDF to ISN, we strongly encourage you to also upload an HTML report for your client and agent to take advantage of all of the modern benefits.

Control Your Report IDs at ISN

Report ID numbers can be configured at ISN by following the instructions here Help at ISN.  

Appointments Won't Download from ISN

If your appointments are not downloading try the following:

  • Try re-entering your keys again. Completely delete the keys in HomeGauge and then re-enter the information.
  • If your appointments are not downloading from ISN, you may need to clear your footprints and try again. ISN has a how-to article (click here).
  • If you continue to have problems, call HomeGauge support at 828-254-2030. You can also contact ISN - their Contacts page is here (click here).  

Important Note: It is not recommended to upload your report to ISN, as the only way to do it is to make the report public, making the report visible to anyone with the link, exposing your customer's information and violating the seller's privacy if the link is shared with users who should not be viewing it. Though ISN has instructions to do this, we strongly advise against it. Please also note:

  • The report is not uploaded to ISN. The report is still physically located on HomeGauge. ISN is just linking to the report. This could cause trouble if the inspector cancels their HomeGauge Services but think their report is saved at ISN. ISN's link to the report will not work as the report would not be available for public viewing as the inspector no longer has services at HomeGauge.
  • The report is now and must stay public for viewing. Anyone with that link can view the report. The home seller would most likely not want the home buyer to post the link on Facebook for all their friends to see photos of their potential new house. This is an intrusion into the privacy of the home seller and should only be done with permission of the current home owner.
  • A person viewing the report using this direct link as public will not be properly logged as having viewed the report and goes around the time stamped delivery of the report. You will not be able to track who has viewed the report.
  • This direct link to the public report will not work with other features of the HomeGauge services like Create Repair List, Signing Inspection Agreements, Payments and more.

We strongly advise against using ISN in this way to link to your report.

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  • 01-Oct-2018