Download and Activate HG Companion

You can get the HomeGauge Companion at the Google Play Store (Android) or at iTunes store (iOS).

If you're using HomeGauge 5.3.3 or later (you can check your version using Help > About HomeGauge) you no longer need to follow these instructions! The HG Companion will work out of the box with your HG software.

  1. Install it on your device.
  2. Open the HG Companion App.
  3. Press the menu and select HG Services and enter your username and password you use in your software and on the Dashboard.
  4. Press HG Services -> Send Report to the Cloud. If you have no reports yet, you can create a blank one.
  5. After the report is sent to the cloud, open the HomeGauge Desktop Software on your computer.
  6. In the HomeGauge Software, select HG Services -> Get Report From the Cloud.
  7. Select the sample or blank report you sent from your device and select download. This will bring in the blank or sample report but it also brings in the ID of your device.
  8. Open the downloaded report.
  9. In the software, click Options -> HG Companion License. Click on your device ID (if there's more than one, read below). Enter your HGC license number (found in the e-mail that was sent to you from HomeGauge) and select activate. Now your HGC license is activated on that device.

What if I see multiple device IDs? (And other tips)

  • If you see multiple device IDs in your HomeGauge software, you can find the exact correct one by checking it on your phone or tablet. To find the exact device ID on your device: Open the HG Companion and tap the menu button, then About. Your device ID will be on this screen.
  • Each HG Companion license is valid for only one device.
  • If you get a new device, you have 30 days to activate the Companion app on that device. Please call us at 828-254-2030 so we can remove your previous activation.
  • If you have HomeGauge installed on multiple computers, you'll need to follow steps 6-8 on the other computers as well.
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  • 16-Jul-2018