Deleting Reports from HG Companion

After you finish a report and upload it for your customer to view, it's a good idea to delete the report from your Companion device. Reports can be as large as 200MB on the Companion (larger if you manually transfer them) so even a small number of reports can start to take up significant space on your device.

  1. To delete older reports, click on the menu button then choose Open Report. This will open the list of all the reports stored in the device.
  2. Long press (press and hold for about 1-2 seconds) the report you want to remove. A menu will appear with three options: Info, Delete, and Restore Backup.
  3. Click Delete, and the report you chose will be removed. You will need to remove the reports one by one in the device.

To remove multiple reports from the Companion application, see this article (click here) on manual transfers. During the manual transfer steps in this article, you'll see your report folders and be able to delete multiple folders at once. 

Important: When deleting folders manually, do not delete the folder labeled 00000000. This folder is a placeholder used by HomeGauge to build the next report, and without it, you will not be able to start a new report.

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  • 31-Oct-2017