Print or Save a PDF (with Video)

While the strongest features of HomeGauge don't show up in a PDF report, sometimes a PDF is what's needed.

  1. Important! Create a Document Setting for a PDF Printout by following the steps at this link (click here).
    Note: If you already have a Document Setting for PDFs, skip this step. In the latest version of HomeGauge, the Document Setting is called Report for Printing or Saving (Not Full Report). You can check your Document Settings by clicking File > Printing Options.
  2. Click Print in the toolbar near the top of the screen. (A warning may appear that you have not answered all questions. Click Yes if you wish to proceed.)
  3. Check the box next to the Document Setting for PDFs. Uncheck any unneeded Document Settings.
  4. Click OK to see a preview of the report.
  5. Choose to Print or Save the PDF.
    1. To print (choose a printer), click the Print button at the bottom of the window
    2. To save a PDF file, click the blue floppy disk icon in the upper-left of the window. Navigate to the place you want to save the file, give it a name, then click Save

PDF Has Extra White Space

Click here to go to our troubleshooting section if there are issues.

Watch a video tutorial here!

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  • 01-Dec-2017