Change the Order of Report's Parts (Intro, Summary, Etc.) (with Video)

Modify the order of the sections in your report by doing the following:

  1. From the top-level menu, click File > Printing Options
  2. Click to highlight the Document Setting you would like to edit
  3. Click the Edit button with the wrench icon on the right of the window
  4. Choose the Print Order. The Print Order sets the order of parts when the report is printed or uploaded
    1. Click the part you would like to move up or down
    2. Use the up and down arrows on the right of the window
  5. Click OK to save the Document Setting
  6. Click OK to exit the Print Option window 

From now on, reports printed with that Document Setting will have the sections in the selected Print Order. For more about Document Settings, click here.

Watch the Video Tutorial here!

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  • 28-Nov-2017