Troubleshooting: Pictures, Video, and Voice

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Videos Don't Work or Have Red X's

  • Recommended Solution: This issue is solved by updating to the newest version of HomeGauge 5. You can do that by following the instructions at this link (click here).
  • Alternate Solution: For users on HomeGauge 5.1, they may install QuickTime in order to view and use video. You can do that by following the instructions at this link (click here).

Photos Appear Black When Dragged from Film Strip

  • Possible Cause: iOS "Live Photo" mode is enabled
    • Solution: If the photos were taken with an iPhone or other Apple device, you may need to open the folder containing the images and check to see whether there are also video clips present. This can happen if Apple's Live Photo feature is enabled, which saves a 1.5 second video clip alongside the image, which can cause this issue in our software. If the video files are present in that folder, try removing them, leaving only the images (files with the .jpg or .png format typically) and re-open HomeGauge and try pulling the pictures over again. Here is an article on how to disable Live Photo mode on your iOS device:
  • Possible Cause: iOS Device Using HEIC Image Format
    • Solution for current problem:
      • Images that already have this problem must be manually converted to the JPG format. This can be done using MS Paint or IrfanView. In MS Paint, open each image and save it as a JPG file. With IrfanView, you can batch convert the images to MS 
    • Solution for future images:
      • The HEIC setting can be disabled on applicable phones by going to Settings > Camera > Formats and choosing the Most Compatible option. This forces the images to be JPG format instead of HEIC format.
    • Other notes: This issue seems to affect iOS 7+ devices. Our initial discovery of this problem involved an iPhone 7+ running iOS DropBox was used to transfer the photos; DropBox automatically converted them to JPG format but they retained some formatting from HEIC that caused the issue. The involvement of DropBox may or may not be a contributing factor.
  • Possible Cause: Photos are on an SD card that HG is having trouble accessing.
    • Solution for current problem:
      • Copy the photos from your SD card to a location on your computer, then restart HomeGauge, now point HomeGauge to the location on your computer that you moved the photos to.

Can't Find the Film Strip

  • If you've lost your filmstrip, click View -> Default Pane Layout. This will restore your filmstrip or components bar to its default setting.

Pictures from my old report are showing up in my new report 

This is caused by the pictures from your camera card having duplicate file names. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Instead of pulling pictures directly off of your camera or camera card, save them to a file on your computer. This will rename them for you. Then point the film strip on the right of the software to that saved file instead of your camera.
  2. After you build a report, adding all the pictures you need, go up to Report -> Show Photo Locker. Make sure the pictures that appear in that photo locker are the correct pictures, then select them all (Ctrl+A) and right click them with your mouse. Select rename and give them a unique name. Close out of that file, then do a print preview. If neither of these steps seem to work, feel free to give us a call at 828-254-2030.

Pictures are not Appearing When Specific Folder is Chosen

  1. Click the notepad icon to open the Picture Folder Options.

    Picture Folder Options

  2. In the Show Only Pictures In Folder From drop down box, choose Show All and click OK. You can then browse to your picture folder.

If your pictures are still not appearing, please contact HomeGauge Support at 828-254-2030 or e-mail

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  • 30-Mar-2018