Benefits of HomeGauge Websites

HomeGauge offers some very real advantages to cheaper bulk hosting companies.

Daily Website Backups

HomeGauge runs a daily backup of your website, where most bulk hosting companies leave that up to you. Why does that matter? If your website password somehow gets into the wrong hands, and your site gets defaced, Restore it is a snap with HomeGauge (and we can help). Or maybe something went wrong when installing that brand new website theme. In either case, all that work that you put into it will not get lost with the backup that HomeGauge provides. 

Website Support

Need help adding a new page, inserting a photo, or adding a new widget? Or did that plugin you just install break your website? Did your website footer disappear and you don't know why? You can call us or email with many types of issues and we're here to help. Try calling one of the bulk hosting companies and see how much help they are!

Better Email Storage

Many of the bulk hosting websites advertise unlimited email accounts with their inexpensive hosting plans. But watch out, because this usually comes with a relatively small total storage limit. We've seen these plans with a total of 500 MB or less of total email storage, and that won't get you far these days. HomeGauge gives you 10GB per email address to start out, and we can increase it if you need more.

Secure Setup

HomeGauge has had a lot of experience hosting WordPress websites. We know what the WordPress hosting challenges are and get your site setup right, right from the start.

Excellent Server Performance

We know how to keep our servers in good health. Part of this means not putting too many websites on a single server. One serious problem with bulk hosting companies is that they will push the absolute limit on how many websites they can host on a single server, potentially slowing down your website. HomeGauge, on the other hand, knows when it's time to add new servers when needed to meet our demand.

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  • 10-Nov-2017