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Error in HomeGauge Dashboard: Email is Already in Use

If the Dashboard says the new/corrected email is already in use, that means the customer already has a HomeGauge account with that email address.

  1. Open the report in your HomeGauge software.
  2. Change the customer email, then click Create HG Username.
  3. Leave the box blank and click OK. HomeGauge will match the email with the correct account.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Re-upload the corrected report and send out the email notification.


    • Add the correct username to the report on your dashboard and remove the old one (click here).

Uploaded Report Goes to Wrong Address or Section in Dashboard

This issue is caused by downloading an appointment into the software, then opening that appointment and writing a report for a different address. HomeGauge is putting the correct and incorrect reports together because they both started from the same appointment. Here's how to fix.

This problem has different solutions depending on which version of HomeGauge you are using. Find your version by opening HomeGauge software and clicking Help > About HomeGauge.

For Version 5.2

  1. Remove the bad report from your Dashboard.
    1. Log into your HomeGauge Dashboard.
    2. Find the report or document and click Manage > Delete.
  2. Download the original appointment in your software by clicking HG Services > Download Online Appointments.
  3. Click Open and open the downloaded appointment.
  4. Follow the instructions for merging two reports in this article to merge the downloaded appointment with the (click here).
  5. When done, upload the new report and it should go to the correct online Appointment.

For Version 5.1 and Lower

Please call HomeGauge Support for support with this issue at 828-254-2030 option 1.

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  • 17-Oct-2017