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American Home Warranty (AHW)

Benefits of AHW

AHW offers a limited warranty program for your inspection with the following benefits:

  • An affordable addition to your package of professional services
  • A great closer with prospective clients, differentiating your inspection business
  • Unique "gap" coverage from the time of the inspection that complements rather than competes with warranties offered by referring agents
  • No home owner validation required with AHW — the online submission makes it easy and seamless for your clients (some limited warranty companies require your client to call them within 15 days of the inspection to "validate" warranty coverage)

To find out more, please go to their web site or give them a call at 1-800-404-5479.

How does it work with HomeGauge?

Other inspectors that use AHW have to separately send the info to AHW by signing in to the AHW website. Now with HomeGauge, it is smooth and seamless. You can simply go to the uploaded report and with one click apply a pre-purchased warranty to that report. HomeGauge will use the client name, address and other information to apply the warranty.

FAQ: Do my customers or agents see the AHW logo?

Customers or agents will only see a reference to AHW if you have assigned a pre-purchased warranty to their home. Otherwise, only the inspector will see the AHW logo. You can also assign viewing permissions - you decide who can view the warranty.

  1. From your Dashboard, select Account Settings > HomeGauge Partners.
  2. Select the AHW Settings option.
  3. Follow the instructions on the next page.
  4. For a quick link to that AHW instructions page on your Dashboard, CLICK HERE
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