Texas TREC Info


As of August 2015 there are changes:

  • to the text on the cover page, and
  • a reference to the latest TREC compliance ID at the footer of your pdf.

These updates are available in the current HomeGauge software install. For users who have not installed/updated their software since August 2015:

  1. From your dashboard at www.HomeGauge.com download the latest version 5 and install. You will not lose any files.
  2. After you install it at the top left select File > Set All Texas Print Options.
  3. Under File > Printing Options, make sure to check the Texas REI 7-5 document setting.

Update Past Templates to TREC REI 7-5

  1. Open your Texas TREC REI 7-4 template
  2. Click File, and then Save Template As...
  3. Choose the TEXAS TREC REI 7-5 template
  4. Click Save

Now when you start a report choose the Texas TREC REI 7-5 template to start a report and your auto-comments will be there.

Can I delete the Texas print options? Can I upload an HTML report?

Yes. However if you are a Texas inspector you need to know what these print settings do and determine if you should use these to also provide a Web presentation of your report. According to TREC they want a form restricted look and that the Texas REI 7-5 PDF print option. However, you can also send your customer a "Web presentation" with our exclusive Texas Web Presentation setting.

Under File > Printing Options you will see your print settings window. Here you would select the Web presentation settings as well as your TREC PDF setting. Upload your report and send to your customer and agent. They can click the "Web presentation" link and see videos and expanding pictures in hi res! Wooo Hooo. Then they can save their boring PDF to comply with TREC.

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  • 15-Nov-2017