2017.11.14 HomeGauge Web Site Release Notes

 Set Normal Hours of Operation for My Company 

We now allow for the configuration of Hours of Operation for your inspection company. These are the hours you regularly expect to be open. Each day of the week is separately configurable. 

This can be found under Appointments -> Company Settings.

If you enter invalid information a error message will be displayed.

Hours of Operation Validation Error

Company Hours of Operation Displayed on Public Appointments

The hours of operation described above now appear in the Appointment Request when the customer is providing their preferred appointment date and time.

Display a Warning When Scheduling an Appointment Outside of Normal Operating Hours

When making an appointment we will check the operating hiours described above. If the appointment lies outside of those times we will display a message to the scheduler informing them the appointment is outside normal hours. The appointment can still be saved. We hope this will help with things like the occasional AM-PM mix-up.

Public Appointment Requests are Still Available When an Inspector Does Not Use the Service

We found a situation that created confusion for some of our inspectors and their customers. In some cases when an inspector is not using our services customers were still allowed to request appointments through the HomgeGauge Online Appointment Request process. This often resulted in confusion for both parties. We have corrected this problem.


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  • 14-Nov-2017