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HomeGauge Companion 5 Android Release Notes

HG Companion App 5.2 Update

  • Improvements
    • Increased Styles and Materials spacing 
  • Fixes
    • Fix Inspection Items / Styles and Materials now display Section name in header.
    • Fix for Section status / check mark being always updated when made visible.
    • Several fixes for "Find Next" issue.
    • Fix for for Cloud upload failures .
    • Fix for Report Info date selector picking incorrect month. Update

  • Fixes
    • Section Overview pictures bug fixed. Update

  • Improvements
    • Back-button navigation improved.
      • Pressing Back while on the Edit Inspection Item screen will move back to the list of inspection items instead of popping up the list of Sections.
      • Pressing Back while on the list of inspection items will display the list of Sections.
  • Fixes
    • Several reported crash issues fixed. Update

  • Improvements
    • If report is open, first screen will indicate you have a report open
    • Back button will display navigation menu first press and back all the way out on second press
    • Tabs for inspection items, styles and materials made taller
    • Button added on styles and materials to move back in list
  • Fixes
    • Fix crash after device sleeping Update

  • HomeGauge Companion now requires Android 4.4 or higher (older versions still work with Android 4.4 or lower)
  • New Features, Options, Etc.
    • On screen toolbar with easy to use menu button
    • Improved navigation with slider that does not need to move to start screen all the time to move to different parts of the report
    • Light and dark mode for working inside or outside
    • Download appointment directly from HG Service appointment manager
    • Pass / fail button for re-inspections
    • Zoom / pan on displayed photos in inspection and summary
    • Include Report ID's displayed in download report from cloud dialog
    • Summary review - option to display any item with photos in review
    • When typing a comment directly into the report a new button for paragraph break or new lines.
  • Fixes
    • Move the delete comment button to bottom of the menu list
    • Auto capitalize first letter on speech to text
    • Report start if a comment has a attachment it does not work
    • Report start auto inserted comments go in as single comment and not itemized
    • Add photo label from description of photo auto attached
    • When a Report Fill has Overview Footer (No Intro) and it's applied in the HGC, it adds the same comment to both the Intro & Footer.

HG Companion App 5.1

  • New Features, Options, Etc.
    • HG Companion now will use installed camera applications for pictures and videos. This will give much better results for devices that have good camera hardware.
    • All images are stored as the size captured from the installed camera application and stored in the Photo Locker. Inspectors will need to modify the camera settings to use smaller image sizes to result in smaller files or else the report will be very large and time consuming for the cloud transfer.
    • Report fills can now be applied on the HG Companion. All report fills are moved over in the cloud during a template and settings transfer. Use the main screen menu -> More -> Apply Report Fill
    • Added screen like the HG desktop to be able to see the report size. Use the main screen menu -> More -> Report Size
    • Easily add a picture/video or autocomment immediately to an inspection item or to a new itemized item
    • Allow auto created backup files to be opened. Use the menu on the Oper Report window
    • Options to turn off the comments in the Summary Review so that larger pictures can be displayed. Use the Menu button on the Summary window.
    • new button to send an email or call the customer or REP when that info is present
    • new button to find the report address on map application
    • Browse for photos and videos on device to add to report
  • Improvements
    • Summary review - if you turn your phone and the auto-rotate occurs the Summary stays on same item
    • Summary review now uses swipe to move to next item and more screen space
    • Swipe across Style and Materials for quicker movement to the next / prev one
    • New Option for Inspection item description only take up one line or display fully
    • When working on a smart text comment added new option to Stop Replacements
    • Program stability and better/faster auto saves of reports
    • the back button will return to the previously selected report section or inspection item for less scrolling
    • Styles and Materials options that automatically add comments are now displayed in bold like on the desktop
    • Cloud uploads and downloads display a status bar showing the progress.
    • Open report view will order the reports by report date.
  • Fixes
    • Videos do not show or play in the Summary preview
    • When duplicating a section if you modify the first duplicate name and then second pop up will not work
    • Report upload reported a failure to upload a report due to a cloud time out
    • failed to add a new REP that has the same last name as another REP already in the list
    • When adding an additional customer you are unable to move to the second customer

HG Companion 5.0

5.0.22 Update

  • Fixes
    • more error checking for camera not saving images 
    • fix for crash when rotating device while selecting comments
    • fix for saving a report that contains workscope items

5.0.21 Update

  • Fixes
    • tiny change for some new devices where the camera does not work at all 

5.0.20 Update

  • New Features and Options
    • Summary review with pictures
    • Show auto comment name only option (Menu -> Options -> General)
  • Improvements
    • When editing comment the cursor is set to end of comment
    • Hide estimate input if estimates turned off
  • Fixes
    • Fix for double click on camera locking up camera

5.00.19 Update

  • Fix
    • Fix for two reports with same report ID using the same report folder

5.00.17 Update

  • Improvements
    • Picture improvements
  • Fixes
    • Attachments/images auto attached from comments will be include in report now
    • Fix for special characters breaking open of report on some phones

5.00.18 Update

  • Improvements
    • Picture quality improvements during resize
  • Fixes
    • fix for crash when opening report with one already open
    • fix for picture taking crashes or null messages
    • fix for first General section answer not saved
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  • 09-Nov-2017