2017.11.21 HomeGauge Web Site Release Notes

Normal Hours of Operation are Displayed on the Company Calendar

The company calendar displayed in the inspector's appointment calendar as a grey shaded block. This requires the inspector to configure their hours in company settings.

Inspectors Can Email the Paid Invoice to the Customer

This adds the ability to email a copy of the paid invoice to a customer.

The "Email Invoice" button now appears on the receipt page.

Email Receipt Button

Clicking on this button will open a new tab that allows the inspector to select who is to receive the email. The list of possible recipients is tied to the people who have been granted the authority to view the report and other documents. If there are no authorized users the invoice can be sent and it will go to the email of the inspector.

The inspector is able to edit the subject line which defaults to "Regarding [property address]".

Missing or unselected fields will result in validation errors.

A successful send 

"Interested in a website?" Checkbox when downloading trial software

A checkbox has been added to the trial software download screen. Checking this box will send an email to our web services team and they will contact you with more information.

Scheduler Notes

We added a new field to company settings to allow you to display text on the appointment page. This is intended to allow you to provide information to people scheduling appointments while they are scheduling appointments. The text in this field is editable with the ability to enter formatted text. This text is edited in Appointments -> Company Settings -> Scheduler Notes.

The text added for your company appears on the Appointments page.


Error Message Should Not Be Displayed When Scheduling an Appointment and Business Hours Are Not Configured

If a scheduling schedules an appointment and the business calendar times have not been configured for the company a warning message is displayed that the appointment is outside regular business hours. The appointment can still be saved and the waring safely ignore but this is not an error and no message should be displayed.

This problem has been fixed and the message no longer displays.

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  • 21-Nov-2017